Karsten Interior Services – C3 Craft Training Leader Endorsement


Construction Career Collaborative has named Karsten Interior Services as Leader Level Craft Training Endorsement for its commitment to the future of the construction workforce demonstrated through the specialized training of craft workers leading to a more defined career path and a sustainable workforce. Karsten earned this recognition by crafting and delivering craft training tied to a career path and ongoing commitment to training the craft workforce for the future.

Launched in 2018, C3’s Craft Training Endorsement Program is a rigorous standard that measures a company’s craft training program against a training framework. The endorsement, offering three levels of recognition, is achieved through the development, implementation and evaluation of robust craft training connected to career paths for craft professionals. Launching in 2018, C3’s Craft Training Endorsement Program provides recognition to world – class construction firms that have documented and implemented training programs that

  • Demonstrate corporate leadership commitment to the development of craft workers,
  • Implement craft training programs for all craft workers,
  • Establish a more sustainable workforce through craft training connected to career paths.

By achieving Leader level recognition for their craft training program Karsten Interior has distinguished their company as an elite employer dedicated to providing well trained craft professionals working for better quality results for all their clients.

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